A genuine paradise for diving & snorkelling. The spectacular waters of Egypt's Red Sea... alluring corals and exquisite marine life.

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To anyone standing on its shore and gazing out across its heavenly waters, the Red Sea may seem to be mislabelled. Its blueness is eternal and anything less red cannot be imagined. The Red Sea, where the desert meets the ocean, is truly one of the planet's most exotic and fascinating natural seascape environments. Water temperatures in the Red Sea remain unusually constant year round, averaging 22^ C in the summer. There are over 1000 species of invertebrates and around 200 recorded coral types to be found. Moreover, the Red Sea boasts over a thousand species of fish, more species than any other proportional body of water. Not surprisingly, therefore, the Red Sea is considered by many to offer the very best diving available in the marine world.

The Red Sea attracts divers, photographers, marine scientists, and leisure seekers from all over the world, hoping to experience and explore the incalculable wonders of the colourful, abounding marine life and the Red Sea's lavish coral reefs. In places, the exceptional living reef stretches way out to sea, forming an elaborate system of caves, lagoons, gardens, and plateaus. Some of these coral summits plunge dramatically thousands of feet to the ocean floor. Snorkelling is a popular way to view the edge of the reef, especially for those with limited confidence in their swimming ability. Sharks, manta rays, turtles, and eels will take pieces of bread from your hand, and brilliantly coloured schools of fish team all around in bewildering colour.

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