Located near the Southern tip of Madagascar, just 3˝ hrs drive from Fort Dauphin, Madagascar Classic Camping’s Mandrare River Camp offers both nature and culture, in a stunning locale.

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As you fly down the high plateau and into the town of Fort Dauphin the rainforest covered mountains contrast magnificently with the white sand beaches and clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Landing in this tropical seaside town you will continue eastwards to the giant sand dunes of Lac Anony and on still further into to the spiny desert to your camp on the banks of the mighty Mandrare River.

The camp is set in the shade of tamarind trees, a strand of deciduous gallery forest in an area predominantly covered by spiny forest and sisal. You cannot appreciate the true beauty of the site until the following morning when the sun rises over the distant mountains sending soft orange light across the river to the camp. You will awake to the sound of the local Antandroy tribe singing as they fetch water from the river, or the calls of the plentiful bird species in camp.

With six tents Mandare River Camp is a small and personalised camp, where everything is included, from beer and wine to the freshly baked breads and pastries that head chef Patrick conjures up from his magical kitchen. Lunch is a barbeque affair with fresh salads and dinner is a spectacular three course meal made from finest Malagasy ingredients.

The tents themselves are very spacious and contain a four-poster mosquito netted bed, wardrobe, dressing table and electric bedside lights. The bathroom have a sink, hot bush showers and biodegradable chemical toilets. Each tent has a private terrace for sitting out to watch the river or read a book.

Activities in camp cater to your needs, but bird watching in the nearby gallery and spiny forests or searching for sifaka and ring-tailed lemurs are a must. Night activities also reveal Mouse and Sportive Lemur as well as the areas plentiful owl populations. Mandare River Camp also places great attention on the culture, the local Antandroy tribe are some of the most traditional in Madagascar and can always be seen herding their cattle carrying spears and their leather sling shots. Cultural activities include a visit by the local dance troop, a walk to see the ancestors tombs, and if you are lucky, a local Ringa (wrestling) competition!

This is a truly unique experience in Madagascar, the chance to get right off the beaten track and immerse yourself in the nature and culture of the ‘Deep South'. With all the creature comforts of a luxury camp and some of the finest cuisine on the Island a visit to Mandrare River Camp is a must for those who want an authentic visit to the Island Continent.

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