We had an absolutely fabulous time! Galdessa was a dream come true ! What an amazing experience ! To sleep in an 'open' camp, next to the river with views of the hippo families and the crocs. Nightime visits from hippos and elephants (a little scary but SO exciting !). The accommodation was perfect. A tasteful balance between African rustic and comfortable luxury. Many, many thanks to everyone at Pulse Africa for a beautifully arranged holiday with seamless transfers. It was very sad the to see how badly the incidents of violence in other areas of Kenya and the distant threat of Ebola has affected the tourist numbers wherever we went. These local people depend hugely on our tourist 'dollar' literally to survive. To the people of the UK........if there was considered to be a serious threat to your well-being in visiting this amazing place, the Foreign and Commonwealth office (FCO) would advise against your travel. Please don't hesitate to visit Kenya.........a dream holiday ! Sue and John Tallett - November 2014
We had a fantastic trip. Everything really was perfect and went very smoothly. High marks for both Tortillis and Kicheche Mara North. Loved that we stayed in the Mara North Conservancy instead of the more crowded Mara Reserve. Thanks again for advising and organizing such a one-of-a-kind trip. Anna and I loved it.
Dwight & Anna - September 2011

The trip, as always, was precision from start to finish..absolutely no hiccups, and we LOVED every second.Good old Pulse Africa.

Caroline and her team at Macushla House were quite extraordinary, and I would never go anywhere else in Nairobi. Home away from home, but with a distinctly unique feel about it.. Heavenly actually.
Nature's place, abounding with its own bird, insect and reptile family, not to mention the cat! There was no noise, no TV's, no computers, it was like "going back" to the best era ever.
Tortilis...oh wow!!! Manuella and Andreas quite the loveliest of hosts whom I have ever had the pleasure of meeting...What two breathes of fresh air...I would go back just to meet them! I had my birthday there, and both Kay and I were spoilt to the 'nth degree . . . They both deserve an award in my opinion.
Elsa's as always, truly magical. Flights fantastic,with views of Kilimanjaro all the way to Amboseli, and every day in camp. Elephants in front of Kilimanjaro is what every wild life and photographic lover dreams of. Thank you Robynne.
Kay & Paula, May 2011

"We have just returned to New York from Kenya and Tanzania.It was an epic vacation in every sense of the word. We were very fortunate to see the big five and to experience the vast landscapes and culture of Africa as we traveled the Serengeti. Each lodge you booked us in was outstanding in every sense; the proprietors, the appointments, the guides were incredible and the food extraordinary beyond our expectations.

It is rare in this day and age to find a person, let alone a company, that listens with a keen ear to its customer’s needs and desires. You took the time to listen through many transoceanic telephone calls and emails. How you translated our desires into a safari itinerary was magical and the logistics continue to marvel us. Your counsel and knowledge of Africa, the seasons, migration patterns, lodges and camps and their proprietors was greatly appreciated and so spot on. This was a vacation which touched all our senses and our hearts."
Stuart and Marilyn - April 2011

We had the most awesome trip and we are so grateful for all the organising you did for us! The transfers from Nairobi to the Mayfair and to Wilson and back again were superb! The driver and host were excellent and very punctual and did not let us carry a bag at all! The Mayfair was good - good swimming pool great vibe at the pool. The Mara Intrepids was very well chosen on your behalf. The location was slap bang in the middle of the action! In 4 days we saw 92 lions, 5 cheetah, 5 leopard - literally millions of wildebeest and would you believe it, we saw 4 crossings - 1 every day. And there were people there for 5 nights that did not see 1! The children had an absolute ball! The staff really went out of their way to look after them and us. We did 2 balloon safaris! The kids came on the 2nd one and loved it! Everything was magical - we did not have one bad moment. It was the perfect holiday. Thank you so much for all your organising and help and advice. Ryan

The Kenya trip must be the highlight of our lives and probably the best trip we've ever had!! The Mara is the most beautiful place on earth and Kichwa Tembo and Olonona the most magical bush camps! We've never experienced anything like it before: the people are amazing, the service and attention to the finest detail at Kichwa Tembo and Olonana was outstanding, the food offered by both is 5-star quality, the game drives were unforgettable, the guides unbelievably professional … the whole experience was just out of this world! We left the Mara yesterday with very heavy hearts … we loved every moment! Thanks to both of you for all the arrangements and all the trouble you went to make our African dream a reality! We will never forget it!

The trip was great and I would thoroughly recommend you to any of my friends wanting to organise a Safari. I had a very enjoyable time and the places you sent me (Cheli & Peacock) were wonderful. Also my last day excursion and the drivers who collected me were very friendly and helpful - and I never once doubted the arrangements. I enjoyed the Mara Bush Camp most - Paul and Jill who run it are superb hosts - followed by Tortellis at Amboselli (Brad and Mary both lovely) - both had great atmospheres. .Thanks so much for everything - I have hundreds of lovely photos to remind me of my trip and a few email addresses from some of the people I met along the way.