Skeleton Coast Camp - Skeleton Coast - Namibia

camp - Skeleton Coast Camp [© 2011 Dana Allen]    camp - Skeleton Coast Camp [© 2011 Dana Allen]    

Namibia's Skeleton Coast is one of our planet's most beautiful places. Over much of the past decade, access to this private area within the National Park has been restricted. A ten bedded, luxury tented camp is now open, offering a four day fly in safari to this incredible area, with guaranteed departures every Wednesday and Saturday.

Close on 300,000 hectares (660,000 acres) of the National Park has been set aside as an exclusive safari experience for those who really want to get away! It is wild, desolate and uninhabited and stunningly beautiful. The Benguela Current brings cool, plankton and fish rich waters all the way from Antarctica and moderates the temperatures in this region. Mean temperatures year round vary from a high of 28 C (82F) to a low of 10C (50F). Summers are incredibly mild, even though the camp is situated in the desert! The cool ocean air meets the warm desert air and nearly every morning mists cover the coastline bringing life sustaining moisture to the deserts fauna and flora.
This is a safari that will rival anything in Africa for those who enjoy the excitement of wild and remote places.

Skeleton Coast Camp accommodates guests in five luxury-tented rooms with en suite bathrooms and an open-air dining room under an ancient Leadwood tree. Freshwater springs permeate through the barren sands to create rare oases in the desert that sustain pockets of wildlife. Springbok, gemsbok (Oryx), the rare desert elephant, Cape fur seals, brown hyena, jackal, ostrich and occasionally even cheetah eke out an existence in this rugged terrain, alongside desert adapted vegetation such as Welwitchia and Lithops, the succulent "flowering stones".

The routine here is quite different from that of other safari camps. There is an incredible amount to see and do. Breakfast is enjoyed in camp and then you head out all day into the Park taking along a picnic lunch to return only at sunset.This area has everything; from soaring sand dunes that roar, wonderful vast pastel coloured plains, towering canyons and mountains, saltpans, seal colonies and shipwrecks. Add to this game viewing or a visit to an authentic Himba settlement, just outside the park, for an incredible cultural experience.

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