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The Desert Express offers a unique and ultra luxurious train trip across the oldest desert in the world. The train has four sleeper coaches, each with six compartments accommodating up to three people. All compartments are en suite and the bedrooms convert to a lounge by day. In true Namibian style, the food and service are excellent and only the finest Namibian and international cuisine, accompanied by top South African wines are served in the Welwitchia Restaurant.

Also available is the luxury Starview sitter class, which has a glass panelled roof and specially designed ergonomic seats, allowing you to recline and watch the desert skies.

Your journey will take you through the seemingly endless expanse of rock and sand, and in the late afternoon you leave the train and travel to the Spitzkoppe where San paintings can be seen and sundowners enjoyed as the sun dips behind the mighty 600m granite rock. Dinner is served upon returning to the train.

In the morning, a sunrise excursion will depart for the Okapuka Ranch where you can possibly witness lions feeding, before returning to the train for breakfast.

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