Nsefu Safari Camp - South Luangwa - Zambia

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Nsefu was the first game camp in Zambia and dates back to the early fifties. The Nsefu Sector was recognised then as a phenomenal area and it still is. At the end of the seventies the camp was abandoned.Robin Pope reopened the camp in 1982 and this is where he made his reputation.He managed Nsefu for five years, during which time he used the Tena Tena site as a fly camp.In 1986 he left Nsefu and moved to Tena Tena full time. The camp is now reopened,in keeping with the original style and is one of the few camps in the Nsefu sector of the park.

The view of the river is superb and includes a terraced area where game grazes during the day. The bar, tucked in beside a huge extinct termite mound, overlooks a waterhole that is very productive for game, especially leopard at night. The original rondavels have been extended, with a spacious bathroom added. Each room has a clear view of the river, through large gauzed windows and from the new wooden veranda. The camp lies in the heart of the undeveloped Nsefu sector and so offers charm and total comfort in remoteness and seclusion.

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