Gibb's Farm - Ngorongoro - Tanzania

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Gibbs Farm is situated on a coffee farm five km from the village of Karatu and midway between Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro Crater, Gibb's Farm is a homey and warm colonial homestead that was once the heart of the surrounding coffee plantations. While coffee is still grown, processed and roasted on the farm, a vast ten-acre fruit and organic vegetable garden now provides nearly all the fruit and vegetables to the guests, who wake up to fresh coffee, a multitude of flowers and breathtaking views.

The nineteen twin rooms with ensuite bathrooms are set among the gardens while the main facilities consisting of a sitting room, dining room and gift shop are situated in the old farmhouse.

Some of the activities available at Gibbs are:

Waterfall Walk - The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority kindly permits the lodge guests to walk to the top of a nearby waterfall and caves made by elephants. This walk takes about 2-2.5 hours and winds its way in and out of the forest highlands with breathtaking vistas; you will often see wildlife and always a multitude of birds.

Garden Tours - Don't miss a tour of the flower garden or ten acre vegetable garden. This leisurely interpretative tour takes about forty minutes.

Birding - There are over one hundred and seventy different species of birds at Gibb's Farm. If you are an avid birder we will schedule a personal bird walk with one of the naturalists or you can simply spend the day on your own checking off your life list.

Coffee Roasting - Growing and processing coffee is only part of the process. Check out the daily roasting operation taking place.

Coffee Fields - Feel free to take a stroll on your own through the coffee below the farm at any time; it is perfectly safe, and a very relaxing way to spend an hour or more.

Jogging - For the fitness fanatics that feel they have to get in a jog to shake out the safari legs! During the cool of the evening the manager will gladly guide you on one of his favorite routes through the village. This is quite strenuous if you are not use to running at 5,700 ft elevation.

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