Ol Donyo Wuas - Amboseli - Kenya

lodge - Ol Donyo Wuas [© 2011 ©Dana Allen]    lodge - Ol Donyo Wuas [© 2011 ©Dana Allen]    

Ol Donyo Wuas occupies a superb setting on a ridge in the foothills of the Chyulu Hills, a beautiful rolling ridge of volcanic mountains, dating back four or five centuries making them some of the youngest in the world. The land falls away, stretching for miles in green and gold waves with strange shaped hills and flat topped acacia. Beyond and above towers the whole Kilimanjaro massif with the famous snow capped peak towers at over 19,000 feet.

The thatched guest cottages accommodating a total of fourteen people, are well spaced among bushy trees and are artistically decorated with local furniture, fabrics and handicrafts. Each has a veranda, fireplace, mosquito nets, electricity and en suite bathrooms with hot showers and flush loos.

The main area, which is open on one side has comfortable stuffed chairs and couches in faded florals, an inviting fireplace, shelves crammed with books and intriguing animal pictures on the wall and serves as lounge, dining room and bar.

Ol Donyo Wuas means "The Spotted Hills" in Maasai and is situated far from any major settlement. To reach it you drive through open veldt dotted with plains game until you reach the mountains. The lodge is part of a one hundred thousand hectare Maasai Group Ranch and the Maasai play an important part in the lodge activities. Here you can go on guided game walks, ride horses in the hills or go on game drives in the area. At all times, there is nothing between you and the enormity of the scene: the game, the mountains and the tremendous sense of distance and sky.

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