Rusinga Island Lodge - Rift Valley & Lake Victoria - Kenya

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Rusinga Island Lodge sits on the western shores of Rusinga Island, in the northeast corner of Lake Victoria.Famous as the site where Dr Mary Leakey discovered the remains of Proconsul Africanus, the last common ancestor of the great apes and man today it is also famous for its superb fishing.The lodge holds four world records including the all-tackle record for a 208-pound Nile Perch.

Eight charming cottages encircle a pristine lawn beside the shimmering waters of the lake, which is a magnet for a variety of bird life. Giant monitor lizards and otters abound on the neighbouring islands whilst trips to Ruma National Park a short boat trip followed by a twenty minute drive offer close encounters with game including oribi and one of Kenya's last surviving groups of scimitar-horned Roan antelope.

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