African Horseback Safaris 1 - Okavango - Botswana

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On arrival at Abu's airstrip, a staff member from the camp will be waiting to transfer you to Mackatoo. The drive usually lasts about an hour and takes the form of a game drive. The camp lies in a palm fringe which gives the impression of a tropical island and not at all as one would expect the Delta to look.

There are six guest tents each with twin beds all overlooking the seasonal flood plain. Each tent has twin beds, en suite bathroom with flush loos and hot and cold running water as well as basic amenities.

The horses used are ideally suited to the job at hand and to the bush. They are mostly warm blood or crossbred horses, all geldings and stallions. None of them have "trail horse" mentality and all have retained their individuality and sparkle.; they are very keen for a good run when asked.

The minimum riding requirement is that guests be comfortable at the canter and be able to gallop out of trouble if necessary. This is not a beginners riding holiday. Having said this, often one person in a couple rides frequently while the partner does not. There is a school at the stable yard where a less experienced person may have a few lessons before heading out into the bush.

Trails begin on a Friday or Tuesday and a minimum stay of three nights is recommended. On these trips guests are based in the camp and ride out daily from Mackatoo. A seven night or ten night trip is also offered and on these trips at least two nights will be spent at a fly camp.

The camp is in area that does have some permanent water as well as seasonal floodplains. The floodplains have water in them from about July when the floods come down from Angola (the water takes six to eight months to work it's way down from Angola). Depending on rainfall, the floodplains will also have water in December to March. The camp is closed during January and February due to temperatures and weather conditions.

This means that peak game viewing is in August, September and October as the grazers and browsers take advantage of the new growth prompted by the floods. Naturally, predators follow the path of the plains game. The water however, does not necessarily arrive on time, or stay long; the area is so beautiful and diverse that while the peak game viewing is as above, the camp can be enjoyed and appreciated at any time of the year.

When confirming a riding safari, we will require the following information: riders full names, height, weight, age, riding experience (have they had had formal instruction and if so, in which discipline) and also any special dietary requirements.

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