Elsa's Kopje - Meru - Kenya

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Elsa's Kopje is named after the orphaned lioness reared by George and Joy Adamson with the lodge being situated on the rocky Mugwongo Hill where they had their first camp. The park is singular in Kenya for being the driest with little rainfall - yet at the same time having thirteen rivers and numerous streams running through it, all that originate from the snows and glaciers of Mount Kenya. The result is a patchwork landscape of green ribbons and brown bush, which is most spectacular.

Accommodation is in ten private cottages, six with king-size beds, each well placed to maximize the panoramic views. The cottages are open plan, some split level, some with outdoor sunken baths each with its own unique design, all incorporating natural rocks into their structure. There is also a family cottage with a private pool which is ideal for families or small groups. The whole camp is of ethnic design with thatched roofs and indigenous mats adorning the walls and floor. Being one of very few lodges within the entire Meru area, day and night game drives and guided walks are on a very exclusive basis. Fishing and rafting on the Tana River is offered during your stay and each day a bush breakfast, picnic or sundowners are planned. There is a gift shop and magnificent pool to laze by in between exciting game drives and walks.

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