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hotel - Le Domaine de Fontenay [© 2011 Pulse Africa -]    hotel - Le Domaine de Fontenay [© 2011 Pulse Africa -]    

On the immediate outskirts of Joffreville and almost bordering the Amber Mountain, lies the 300-hectare Le Fontenay Nature Park (LFNP). It is a recent private initiative, which aims to provide nature and birding lovers with a complementary nature park in the region.

The park is part riverine and montaine forest. Forested areas are mixed primary and secondary. There is also degraded forest, interspersed with cultivated and abandoned agriculture. For the time being, the owners are not systematically destroying abandoned agricultural patches, but allowing the forest to re-claim this naturally. Until the proposed re-forestation programme is complete and forest trees are sustaining the fauna, litchis, mangoes, bananas and papayas provide a good food source. Finally, the park also has hilly grasslands and small plateaus.

Ideally situated in the centre of the Northern region, the Domaine de Fontenay allows guests to easily access all the main tourist spots. They are situated at the foot of the Montagne d'Ambre National Park, within two hours of the famous Tsingy of the Ankarana, within an hour of the beaches of the east coast and an hour from the Bay of Diego-Suarez.

Spacious and comfortable accommodation is provided in a century-old homestead, which originally belonged to a wealthy French settler. Service is outstanding while the restaurant, Le Fontenay, has acquired a reputation for its authentic and refined cuisine as well as its delicious barbecued meals.

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