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Situated under the tamarind trees along the banks of the Mandrare River, three hours drive from Fort Dauphin, is the new tented Mandrare River Camp. Set in the grounds of an old colonial sisal plantation, the camp is three kilometres from the village of Ifotaka and opposite the sacred ancestral forest of the Antandroy tribe.

By protecting this sacred forest, the tribe has managed to preserve pristine wildlife areas and species including catta, mouse and sifaka lemurs as well as many bird species.

The day to day activities include walks to see the endemic wildlife which Madagascar is famous for. The best times for these walks are the mornings and afternoons to escape the heat of the sun. Where suitable, night walks will be arranged as this is often the best time to see many reptile species as well as the nocturnal lemur species such as mouse and sportive lemur. Whenever possible and practical, interaction between clients and the local community is encouraged.

Accommodation is provided in spacious tents. Each canvas tent is 9m long and 3.3m wide, with extra large mosquito netted roof vents and side windows, to allow maximum ventilation in the hot and dry climate. The tent contains a mosquito netted 4-poster double bed or two single beds. The tents were hand made and  designed to withstand the daily stresses of the rugged local environment. Inside the main inner tent,  there is a canvas covered wardrobe, dressing table with mirror, bedside tables and a large baggage trunk. Each tent has a veranda with two comfortable canvas safari chairs and a small table, a great place to sit and relax away from the midday sun or with a G&T in the evenings. All of the furniture is made from palissandre which is similar to rosewood and a famous Malagasy hardwood. The bathroom section is attached to the rear of the tent and includes a shower area, chemical toilet and wash stand with basin. Hot water for the basin is provided in the morning and evenings and the hot bucket showers are ready after your sundowners or delivered on demand.

Mealtimes are a treat. Not only has the head chef perfected the art of producing fresh croissants in the bush; he has also found a reliable source for fresh lobster, local fish and prawns. The Zebu steaks are excellent while other little treats like foie gras are sourced in Tana.

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