Greystoke Camp - Lake Tanganyika - Tanzania

Two hundred miles down the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika is a place so remote that only the most intrepid of us will ever reach it.

camp - Greystoke Camp [© 2005 Pulse Africa -]    camp - Greystoke Camp [© 2005 Pulse Africa -]    

This is Mahale Mountain National Park and Greystoke Camp. The luxury Ottoman style camp lies on one of the lake's crescent shaped beaches that are overlooked by the 8,000-foot mountains of the park. It is in these mountains that the chimpanzees live. Camp style is opulent, but relaxed. Chimpanzee tracking and forest walks are interspersed with leisurely meals and stargazing. Children over the age of six may stay at camp although, due to National Park regulations, they are not allowed to trek with the chimpanzees until the age of twelve.

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