Wayo Africa Camps - Serengeti - Tanzania

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The aim of Wayo Africa is to be able to access remote areas in the easiest and most cost effective manner whilst giving guests a comfortable and stylish experience. The camp is one of the most environmentally friendly camps operating in Tanzania today and is designed to fit on a small trailer towed behind the client safari vehicle. Tents are dome shaped and are private and comfortable, with adequate space for two people. Quality mattresses and bedding are provided. Large wooden toilet boxes are discreetly placed and hot bucket showers are available whenever required.

Meals are excellent as most are prepared in advance, and sit down dinners often involve four courses. Meals are generally taken under the stars; however a mess tent is available in case of bad weather. Cold drinks, beers and a small wine selection are available.

The focus of these private camps is on the wildlife experience and time is spent in private concession areas as well national parks. The advantage of private concession areas is that guests are not bound by national park rules allowing more freedom to enjoy activities outside of the vehicles.

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