Apoka Safari Lodge - Kipedo Valley National Park - Uganda

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Miles and miles away from the noise and dust of the city, Kidepo Valley National Park is a completely different world.Big skies, vast plains, inspiring views from every vantage point…and wildlife everywhere you look.The park is home to elephant, zebra, giraffe, huge herds of buffalo, warthog, duiker, hartebeest, lion, leopard, cheetah and hundreds of bird species. And this wonderful park is now home to Uganda's newest safari lodge, Apoka.

The rooms at Apoka have been built with comfort in mind. Everything is handmade by local craftsmen, everything is large and capacious. Ten expansive rooms with natural canvas walls surround a rocky kopje with endless views across the savannah. With inside sitting rooms and private verandas there are plenty of places to relax, read and write letters. Big hand hewn beds with soft duvets are draped with mosquito nets, hand-woven woollen carpets, extra large plush towels, oversized dressing gowns…you may be as far away from the city as you'll ever be, but you won't miss a thing.

Each room has its own ensuite bathroom with double sink and large tropical shower. Water is heated by solar power and there is plenty of it. Step outside to a sheltered terrace and slip into your own outdoor stone bathtub, big enough to fit the whole family. All rooms have electric lights, power points.

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