Mantana Tented Camp - Bwindi Forest - Uganda

camp - Mantana Tented Camp [© 2011 Pulse Africa -]    camp - Mantana Tented Camp [© 2011 Pulse Africa -]    

Situated five kilometres from the Lake Mburo National Park gate this tented camp provides for all the normal facilities of Mantana camps. Each tent caters for two and has its own bathroom area with hot showers provided, eco friendly toilet systems and a private dressing area. A central area provides dining and bar facilities. Meals are generally of a high standard with several courses.

Lake Mburo, spanning two hundred and sixty square kilometres, was gazetted in 1982 as Uganda's fourth national park. It is composed primarily of grassland, wetland and acacia woodland habitats. At the centre of the park lies Lake Mburo, which together with fourteen other lakes in the area forms part of an extensive wetland system. The park has topi, eland, kilpspringer, zebra, buffalo, oribi, sitatunga, leopard as well as an excellent variety of water and acacia savannah bird species, such as crested crane, marabou stork and bronze tailed starling.

During your time at Lake Mburo, you will be able to enjoy game drives and/or a guided walk, or possibly take a local canoe or boat around the actual lake.

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