White Horse Inn - Queen Elizabeth - Uganda

hotel - White Horse Inn [© 2011 Pulse Africa -]    hotel - White Horse Inn [© 2011 Pulse Africa -]    

The White Horse Inn is situated in the famous Kigezi highlands of Uganda known as the "Switzerland of Africa" with its terraced farming and mountain scenery.The hotel derives it's name from the former European settlers who used to ride their beautiful white horses on the nearby Makanga hill.There are views of the terraced hills from the hotel and in the late afternoons and early mornings the mist in the valley swirls in front of you. A fireplace provides warmth in the cool evenings and the local dining speciality is fresh water crayfish from Lake Bunyoni.The forty odd rooms vary in standard and facilities but are all en suite.This hotel is a good stop over for trips to and from the gorillas in the area.

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