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The Perinet Special Reserve is a must for anyone interested in the flora and fauna of the eastern rainforest.The reserve (810 hectares) protects the largest of the lemur family, the Indri. Most people see indris in Perinet, and if you don't see them you will certainly hear them. Standing about three feet high, with barely visible tails, black and white markings and surprised teddy-bear faces, the indri looks more like a gone-wrong panda than a lemur.

Whilst most lemurs grunt the indri sings, it is an eerie, wailing sound which carries for up to two miles.There are nine different species of lemur in Perinet, although it is unlikely that you will see them all. Most likely you will find the grey bamboo lemur, an avahi, mouse lemurs and greater dwarf lemur. Perinet is also home to a large variety of chameleons, tenrecs, beautiful and varied insects and spiders, and lots of reptiles. It is also a good place for bird watching, with Madagascar green sunbird, cuckoo-rollers, blue pigeons, couas, Madagascar falcon, vasa parrots and many others.Botanists too, will not be disappointed.

Vakona Forest Lodge is a comfortable lodge offering accommodation in twenty-four ensuite bungalows. The main building has been thoughtfully designed as an octagonal reception area, bar and lounge/dining room with a huge log fire in the middle. The hotel also boasts a curio shop, swimming pool and squash courts. They offer horse riding and forest trekking. The management is efficient and courteous, and the food delicious. It is situated within its own private reserve, Analamazaotra, ten minutes from Perinet.

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