Chichele Lodge - South Luangwa - Zambia

Chichele Lodge - Chichele Lodge [© 2008 Kunj Trivedi]    Chichele Lodge - Chichele Lodge [© 2008 Kunj Trivedi]    

Formerly a private Presidential retreat, Chichele (pronounce to rhyme with belly) occupies one of the most breathtaking sites in the entire park. Since the original structures, built circa 1960, became very dilapidated, Star of Africa has undertaken a complete transformation of the building to create a spectacular new 'turn of the century' safari lodge, designed to complement its natural surroundings.

In order to exploit the wonderful floodplain vistas offered by the site, ten elegant Victorian style lodges are built along the edge of the hillside, each giving guests a private panoramic view. Quality furnishings and discreet service provide the necessary level of comfort expected by the up market visitor.

Activities include game drives in the South Luangwa National Park using open 4 x 4 vehicles, with a qualified, knowledgeable guide driving each vehicle. Night drives using spotlights enable guests to see such nocturnal animals as leopard, night ape and spotted hyena. Game walks conducted by a professional guide and an armed national parks scout.

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