Lamai - Serengeti - Tanzania

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Nomad's new Serengeti home and "Pride Rock" Lamai Serengeti, is the site where some of Nomads founders ran their very first safari camp in 1993; where they sat amongst the rocks and planned their wedding and future adventures thereafter.

Over many a star-lit evening these fine safari pioneers, soon to be joined by other like-minded souls, planned and dreamed as they sat on, and within, the rocks and thought 'if only'. During the years since, Nomad has been careful not to stray too far and has kept its feet planted firmly in the area with mobile and seasonal camps operating from this very spot to much acclaim.

There are just twelve tents in all, split between two entirely separate camps, the Main Camp and a smaller Private Camp. Each tent site has been carefully thought out. Firstly and most importantly, with the elements in mind, to take maximum advantage of the view, the sun, the wind and even the rain, welcome when it comes.

The rooms - a clever blend of canvas, ferro and natural poles - have given the 'camp designers' much debate, thought and even a few headaches. The brief was simple: to become the guardian of this kopje, the camp needed to preserve all the things about it that has made it iconic.

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