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Egypt; Zein Nile Chateau; Upper Deck - Zein Nile Chateau [© 2011 Copyright © Abercrombie & Kent]    Egypt; Zein Nile Chateau; Nubia Cabin - Zein Nile Chateau [© 2011 Copyright © Abercrombie & Kent]    

Probably the best way to see The Nile is by dahabieh (private boat). There are few of these vessels that are of really high standard and one of them is The Zein Nile Chateau, the first dahabieh built to a high standard of luxury, whilst still incorporating Egyptian history.

The Zein Nile Chateau consists of four rooms and two suites and can accommodate up to twelve guests, docking virtually anywhere. With a dahabieh serving as a floating hotel, it is possible to go beyond Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, continuing past some of the most beautiful scenery along the river. The Temple of Horemheb is cut into the riverside rocks at Gebel Silsila; the pre-Dynastic capital of Upper Egypt, El-Kab, has tombs and temples dedicated to the vulture goddess, Nekhbet; all of these are generally inaccessible with the average Nile cruise boat.

On the upper deck of The Zein Nile Chateau, you'll find The Farouk Suite, a spacious, extravagantly appointed suite with panoramic windows and replicas of Egyptian royal artefacts - replicas which reportedly impressed Egypt's last King, Ahmed Fuad, son of King Farouk, the first guest to enter the suite named after his father. Also on the dahbieh, there is a cigar lounge, an outdoor shower, a dining room, a library and an Arabian-style "sky lounge" for stargazing, ensuring a rewarding experience on The Nile.

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