Saruni Safari Camp - Masai Mara - Kenya

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Saruni Safari Camp is the new, deluxe and intimate tented lodge set in a private conservation area outside the Masai Mara Game Reserve. With accommodation for only twelve guests in six spectacular tented cottages, it is set in a remote valley at the heart of the most exciting wilderness of Kenya. Saruni offers a new concept of African safari: the thrill of a real African adventure lived in harmony with the Masai warriors coupled with high standards of style and comfort. The tents are furnished with colonial antiques, Persian carpets and African art. The atmosphere at the camp is informal but elegant.

Guests are able to explore the plains, mountains and rivers of the Mara aboard open Land Rovers and on foot, walking with guides and Masai trackers. It's the new Masai Mara without the minibuses but with the small luxuries that have always been part of the old safari.

The camp is the permanent home of a cosmopolitan, European couple, a writer and a doctor, who have chosen to share their dream with a few guests.The camp works in a close relationship with the Masai and has a low impact on the environment thanks to the use of solar power and the recycling of waste.

The scenery goes from the rolling hills dotted with acacias, to the lesser known mountains, rivers and valleys where the vegetation can be very green and lush. The Masai Mara is, above all, the home of the Masai, a traditional semi-nomadic people known for their beauty.

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