Savute Elephant Camp - Savute - Botswana

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In the heart of the Chobe National Park, sometimes referred to as the elephant capital of the world, is the Savute - an area that personifies the eternal contrast of Africa. Savute is an objective lesson in aridity.Rain is rare and water is precious.You will find yourself in harmony with a unique timeless place, removed from city life.In Savute, you realise that little has changed on these dry plains since time began,and the realisation dawns that you are fortunate and privileged to be in one of the last corners of the planet governed by nature.

Savute Elephant Camp offers an oasis of complete luxury. The tents are housed on raised wooden platforms, offering superb views, and shaded by a traditional African thatch roof. The large private decks are furnished with easy chairs and a hammock, and are ideal for viewing wildlife or for enjoying dinner in complete privacy. The tent interiors are luxuriously appointed with such comforts as an en suite bathroom, private fully stocked mini bar, a four-poster bed complete with mosquito netting, as well as a discreet air conditioning unit.

This is a dramatic area where visitors usually see high concentrations of elephant and lions.Prides up to forty strong are not uncommon as are sightings of all the other major predators: the endangered wild dog, leopard, cheetah and the hyena.The lions here have become masters at hunting elephant, a skill unique at this stage, to the Savute prides.

Savute is also renowned for its excellent birding during the summer months (December through March), as well as being home to some very rare rock paintings by the early San Bushmen, who once inhabited the region.

As this camp is situated in the Chobe National Park, park regulations prohibit night drives and walking. However, game viewing activities are offered in the morning and late afternoons in open safari game viewing vehicles.All the tents, public areas and the swimming pool overlook the adjacent water hole, so it is not uncommon to see a wide variety of birds and animals from the privacy of your own tent.Savute also offers a"Boma" or "place of eating" where guests can enjoy a traditional alfresco dining experience while being entertained by members of staff.


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