Luangwa Safari House - South Luangwa - Zambia

house - Luangwa Safari House [© 2007 © Robin Pope Safaris]    house - Luangwa Safari House [© 2007 © Robin Pope Safaris]    

The Luangwa Safari House is a perfect venue for those looking for a totally private safari such as families and private groups, where guests can set the pace of the safari.  The design of this unique four bed roomed house is simple but luxurious and the view from the open sitting room as well as all the bedrooms exceptional.  The house, swimming pool and island deck overlook a productive waterhole and the seasonal lagoon.   Many guests simply spend the day at the house rather than going further into the bush. 

Apart from the game activities available , there are also a wide range of hosted activities  for children, independent of parents, with a child minder available.

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