Chongwe River House - Lower Zambezi - Zambia

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Designed by Neil Rocher, this stunning private house is situated approximately 1 km from Chongwe River Camp itself and is built entirely of ferro walls and wild wood. The location of the house is at the end of a massive winterthorn grove, on the banks of the peaceful Chongwe River, a tributary of the Zambezi. 

On entering the house, the main room has low bridges over flowing water. From this room you look out over the deck and pool to the river and mountains beyond.  

The Chongwe area is famous for huge male elephants feeding through the winterthorn grove in which the house is situated and this amazing game experience is enhanced by the fact the Chongwe River itself it the main water source for most of the game in the area.  From the bedrooms, the sitting room and the deck you will have game in view, feeding and watering. 

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