Kizingo - Lamu Island - Coast - Kenya

Kizingo is the ultimate 'no news, no shoes' beach resort - a wonderful secluded and tranquil escape from the modern world. The lodge is situated at one end of a spectacular twelve kilometre beach that stretches from Kizingo (which means 'the point' in Swahili) to the fashionable village of Shela.

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Kizingo has eight beautifully appointed bandas (thatched cottages), set well apart from each other, with unrivalled sea views. In the early morning you can enjoy tea in bed and watch fishing dhows tack south to Malindi. Guests can be as private or as social as they wish, opting to enjoy fine dining on the balcony of their banda or join other guests in the bar and the dining room with their magnificent views across the bay to mainland Kenya. There is no electricity in the rooms and the water is solar heated; this is back to nature at its best.

Kizingo is owned and run by Mary Jo and Louis Van Aardt, both of whom were born in Kenya. Because of their long and close relationship with the local village, its chief leased them this stunning beachfront land to build a small resort that is both eco-friendly and very comfortable. Like all the best resorts in Kenya, Kizingo has a symbiotic relationship with the local village, an hour away on foot, and with farmers on the mainland who grow food and make furniture for the lodge. The staff are wonderfully friendly and within minutes guests will feel part of the family.

The swimming is excellent, both in the Indian Ocean and in the calm waters of the channel that separates Lamu from the mainland. For the more energetic there is a big choice of activities including a guided tour of historic Lamu Town, excellent snorkelling, the chance to swim with dolphins between November and March and cycle rides to friendly African villages on the mainland.

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