Pole Pole - Chole Bay - Mafia Island - Tanzania

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The Pole Pole Resort at Mafia Island's Marine Park consists of only seven bungalows and promises personal attention and service. "Pole Pole" means "take it easy" in Swahili.

Situated in the Utende area of Mafia Island, the resort is set in a shady, breezy spot facing a sea of the deepest blue and looking over at the islands of Chole, Juani and Jibondo.

Owned and operated by a young Italian couple, Pole Pole Resort is a new kind of luxury travel experience that combines the principles of ecotourism, a small resort setting and one of the most pristine and exotic environments in the world. Massimo and Katia have spent the last few years designing and building the resort. The roomy bungalows with wide verandas looking onto the sea are built entirely out of wood and raised on stilts to ensure the maximum comfort for the guests. Each bungalow covers sixty sq m with personalized fixtures and finishing's.

The floors are made out of hard woods, the furniture from mahogany and the door and window frames from doussi. The beds have wooden slats and high quality spring mattresses. All linen is imported from Italy. Bathrooms have double wash bins, king-size showers, bidets and toilets.

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