Chada Katavi Camp - Katavi - Tanzania

tented camp - Chada Katavi Camp [© 2004 Pulse Africa -]    tented camp - Chada Katavi Camp [© 2004 Pulse Africa -]    

Chada Katavi is situated in the core of Katavi National Park, in western Tanzania, and is reputed to be one of the wildest places on earth. From its elevated vantage point on a peninsula that rises out of the miombo woodland, the camp is perfectly positioned for panoramic views over the Chada plain. Across these plains run the last great herds of buffalo in east Africa.

Katavi belongs to the animals. You are their guest. Chada's humble nod of recognition to its hosts is evident in the accommodation spacious safari tents, a blend of brown canvas, leather & brass, camouflaged against a thicket of tall trees. The canopy of acacias, kigelias and tamarinds are a popular source of shade and food for abundant bird and animal life, creating fantastic game viewing opportunities almost without having to leave your tent.

Walking safaris take you even deeper into Katavi's untamed world. Rare roan and sable antelope, normally skittish and shy, graze openly on these plains. On foot you experience another side of Africa, that which takes flight at the sound of approaching vehicles

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