Pambele - Bazaruto - Mozambique

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Pambele is the dream of dreams. Nestling unobtrusively, it sits on the white sands of the Indian Ocean, hidden and sharing the beauty of a totally unspoilt remote peninsula, São Sabastião in southern Mozambique. Untouched waters and coral reefs surround the peninsula, offering unrivalled marine life together with the unimaginable raw beauty of an African landscape.

 Pambele is a fully staffed and managed private home available to individual parties for a few weeks each year. Situated within the stunning 36,000ha Vilanculos Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary, the lodge is beautifully designed, combining modern chic with traditional Mozambique craft. Beautiful and intricately carved pillars by local craftsmen stand alongside cool African cottons under traditional jekka roofs. It is the perfect tonic for those wishing to escape the hectic trappings of everyday life. Pambele is an escape. An escape to be shared with friends and family.

The accommodation is laid out in five private villas surrounding the main lodge, where a magnificent infinity pool merges seamlessly with the sea. Guests can either enjoy tranquillity and peace on the terrace of their own villa or join the rest of the party. The main lodge is where the party gathers. Here guests dine in the open air, share stories around the bar or unwind in one of the numerous cushioned seating areas.

There is so much to do too: guided insightful walks on coastal wildlife, diving and snorkelling over one of the world's most beautiful coral reefs, game fishing, visiting turtle nesting grounds, viewing flamingo flocks and much more.

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