Gorongosa National Park is located north of Beira in a beautiful remote area with Mount Gorongosa, a 1,800-metre high massif whose rivers and streams sustain the park’s wildlife guarding the park.

Gorongoza National Park [© 2012 Pulse Africa -]    Gorongoza National Park [© 2012 Pulse Africa -]    

There are guided trails up Mount Gorongosa where you will see many different kinds of forest and rare plants, wonderful birdlife, gorgeous waterfalls and the view from the top is breathtaking.

Gorongosa National Park is approx 3,770 square kilometres of savannah, woodlands and rainforest in central Mozambique, Southern Africa.

There are lions, elephants, buffalos and many kinds of antelope, with frequent sightings of sable, impala, oribi, bushbuck, reedbuck, kudu, nyala, waterbuck and (less frequently) zebra, hartebeest and eland. On night drives, you can see porcupines, genets, civets and servals.

Lake Urema and its waterways support healthy populations of crocodiles and hippos.

The park’s birdlife is fantastic with about four hundred species being sighted in recent years. Many are endemics or near-endemics prized by birders. The green-headed oriole, for example, is found in southern Africa only on Mount Gorongosa, and the moustached warbler has also been sighted.

Gorongosa National Park is mostly wilderness surrounded by rural areas with only a few small, scattered villages.

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