Without doubt, The Victoria Falls constitutes one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world.

landscape | waterfall [© 2011 Pulse Africa -]    landscape | waterfall [© 2011 Pulse Africa -]    

Visitors gaze at the mighty Zambezi as it flows, broad and placid, to the brink of a basalt lip seventeen hundred metres wide before taking a headlong plunge into the frothy chasm of the gorge below.
The ultimate view of the Falls can only be seen from the air. The 'Flight of Angels' provides a fabulous vista of the upstream river and its many islands, the spray from the Falls as it is kicked a thousand feet into the sky and the tortuous zigzag of the gorge downstream. The area has so many different activities that a few days are needed to take in all that is going on around you.

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Best time for visiting Victoria Falls

best time: May - October / good time: March - April

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