Rainforests, waterways and beaches combine to create the spectacular East Coast. The Perinet Reserve is an excellent example of moist montane forest.

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The forest boasts more than a thousand species of orchids, a large variety of chameleons, beautiful and varied insects and spiders and a number of interesting reptiles.

The reserve is also a good place for bird watching and home to Madagascar's largest lemur, the Indri Indri.
The canals of the Pangalanes consist of a series of lakes linked by artificial canals, which were built in French colonial times. These link a series of villages to the main port of Tamatave providing a "highway'' for the transport of crops, fish, people and livestock.
A couple of lodges have been built on the banks of Lake Ampitabe, in an area known "the nest of dreams". Here, weary travelers may spend time relaxing on the banks of the freshwater lakes, partake in a variety of water sports, hike to local villages or explore many of the beautiful natural wonders of the area.

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