A true delight for any botanist. Also known as the area of the "spiny desert", where cactus-like trees sway their thorny "branches" in the air.

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It is here that one may also find the intriguing graves of the Mahafaly tribe. It is also home to the Berenty Reserve, where the tame ring-tailed lemurs and bounding sifakas provide tremendous entertainment during your Madagascar holiday.

Berenty also boasts a wide variety of plant life, reptiles and birds. Established in 1962 the Isalo National Park with its combination of sandstone rocks, rare endemic plants and dry weather is of particular interest to botanists and hikers. Interestingly, this area has no birds, insects or other animals.
Further south, along the coast, Ifaty Beach offers a selection of charming beach bungalows, excellent seafood and a range of water activities including good diving.

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