This park is located in southwestern Uganda, covering parts of Rukungiri, Kisoro, and Kabale Districts.

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It is situated in hilly countryside, which, together with some remnant lowland forest outside the boundary, constitutes an important water catchment area for many rivers, supplying the agricultural land of the surrounding region.
This is the richest forest in Uganda, in terms of the number of plant species, as the area is one of the few large expanses of forest in East Africa where lowland and montane communities merge.
The valley bottoms contain a dense ground cover of herbs, vines, and shrubs with only a few trees hence its name, the impenetrable forest. This is also one of the richest faunal communities in East Africa. There exists here about one half of the world's population of the endangered mountain gorillas.
There are also several endangered species of birds with limited ranges. Gorilla tracking began on 1st April 1993 and is popular so it is advisable to make reservations at least 3-6 months before your intended date of visit.

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