Now called The Limpopo Province, this region offers so much to do. The game viewing is absolutely fantastic and possibly the best in the country.

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Spectacular mountain scenery beckons hikers, climbers and bikers alike, while mystic cultural destinations intrigue visitors and non-local South Africans. Private game reserves and quiet country house hotels offer some of the country's best accommodation.

South Africa's northernmost province, Limpopo borders onto Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana thus making it the ideal gateway to Africa.

The Limpopo province celebrates a rich cultural heritage and at many archaeological sites the mysteries of the past and ancient peoples are still being unearthed. Historians reveal that the first black Africans moved across the Limpopo (into what became known as South Africa) before 300 AD.

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Best time for visiting Limpopo

Cape: best time: September - March / good time: April - May, Bush: best time: March - October / good time: November - February, Kwa-Zulu Natal: best time: Sept - March / good time: April - August

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