We were the only two people in the Jamala resort, with 13 staff! The resort is fabulous. The room is really 5 star, the food and everything is great.

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The game drives were good, with enough blankets, binoculars, mosquito repellant available, with drinks and something to eat in the late afternoon drive (the sort we requested before we left) and coffee and the South African drink in the morning.
In general we got everything we needed, wished for or forgot ourselves and no extra bill in the end, so it really was all inclusive even though we had wine, champagne, cocktails and even a vodka. We were the only ones in the car but they told us that if they have more people that they often use both cars to make sure the groups stay small, which is great.

We saw many wild dogs, lions, elephants, zebras, a jackal, only one buffalo, a serval (which is apparently pretty special), warthogs and many more. We saw a leopard in the evening drinking from the waterhole in the resort. Actually the resort is where we also saw a big group of elephants, lots of zebra, wildebeest and impala (quite a few from under our outside shower!). Unfortunately we did not see the rhino, but we heard from other people that they saw a few at the west side of Madikwe. The last morning we saw two wild dogs chasing impalas and when we came back to the resort there was a cadaver at the other side of the waterhole.

We enjoyed it very much. I am happy we chose Madikwe and Jamala.

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